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Physical and Digital Data Destruction | IT Asset Disposal

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Since 1992, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses solve their data and IT needs. 

We help our customers destroy or dispose of their physical and digital data securely as well as manage the lifecycle of their IT assets through maintenance and disposal.

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Physical Data Destruction

Destroy your physical documents securely with our secure shredding service. Certificate of destruction issued.


Digital Data Destruction

Destroy your data on various digital storage mediums permanently. Certificate of destruction issued.


Office Disposal & Clearance

Need a hand? We’ll do the heavy lifting, whether you’re moving or right-sizing.


IT Asset Disposal

Dispose of your IT assets in a secure and environmentally-safe manner, inclusive of certificate of destruction.

Why Choose Us


Fixed schedule or ad-hoc basis. Before, during or after office hours.


Disposal byproducts are recycled, so that none of it ends up in our landfills.


Have a peace of mind without breaking the bank.


We do things better and faster than what is already being done.


Data is destroyed according to Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) guidelines.


Require a customised service? Let us know and we'll work something out.

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